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homoeopathy is a true and very advanced healing science much beyond the scope of current methods of chemical analysis and interpretation.
It is more art than science as it requires an immense skill , perseverence and persistent efforts to come across the facts.
Homoeopathic meedicines are administered in potentised state , at a dynamic level which works its way through the satient faculty of nerves .
Our medicines are tested and proved on healthy human subjects while carefully noting the emotional , mental and physical changes which it is termed as proving.
Now there's a question which always replays in our mind before stepping foot in any clinic.
ALLOPATHY is a holistic approach where the plan of treatment is focused upon a material cause for disease!!! which is nothing but a false perception .
Here some panache is added now with terms like - bacteria, virus, fungi,microbes, chemical imbalances, tissue damages , etc.
EACH case is unique to us in all respects and only a true individualistic approach can explore true picture of disease.
It amazes me how something lurking inside the invisible interior of a suffering mankind is so clearly percieved in just few minutes sitting by the bedside. 
Just a formal exchange of words and there we go with a ransack of humongous quantities of medicines , steroids, pills, injections, etc.
Rather we homoeopaths penetrate into the inner recesses of symptoms , the very life of the patient must be opened and laid bare with every case we investigate, we learn the fears , instincts , desires and aversions of the patient. We live a life with them riding along their childhood memoirs, past and present state . This connection is made and kept confidential.
We ace and feel the internal nature of our patient as an artist sees and feels the picture he is painting .
Im pained to say that though the medical science is heading towards the era of advancements in affable nuances but there are sections of society or geographical diversities where suffering is rendered to no relief.
Why is it that the medicines are being produced unbounded but the mortality rate keeps on getiing double or triple year by year?
Well here my approach to homoeopathy sets me at peace , since the real cure is possible with effectual diagnosis, if only within time and treated with proper care provided the abstinence is maintained from noxious influences of our lifestyle these days .
And the major feature of our science is CASE INVESTIGATION.


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